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Track Lab Personnel, Training & Development Track Lab Personnel, Training & Development
Optimize Your Lab Training

Optimize Your Lab Training

Cell & Gene Therapy organizations depend on highly skilled and costly personnel who perform myriad laboratory operations manually. Technology can help to maximize the effectiveness of these resources by streamlining training, providing assisted operations, and keeping an accurate record of training status.

Virtual Reality Lab Training System
Utilize an interactive, virtual model of your lab to conduct immersive training of lab personnel without interfering with lab operations.
Augmented Reality Lab Operations Guidance
Lab operations can be simplified with augmented reality systems that provide assistance by presenting contextual information, including work instructions, when and where they are needed.
Electronic Training Records
Maintaining electronic training records ensures that correct training and certification is maintained for lab personnel. Training records deviations can be prevented by tracking positions, skills and certifications through integration with operational systems.
Immersive Training Experience with Mimic Field 3D

Mimic Field 3D provides a realistic & immersive way to develop operations skills without the need for actual unit operation exposure or even before the plant is built.
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