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QuickView+™ QuickView+™

Improve operations, compliance, and maintenance vision at your site with QuickView+

Efficiently Focus Attention on Issues

Efficiently Focus Attention on Issues

QuickView+™ simplifies reporting from production systems. Prioritize maintenance actions based on criticality and shorten maintenance duration. Auto populate instant compliance reports and save days of time on necessary but non-revenue producing activity.

Quickly create customized views of configuration and status values from automation systems and field devices.

How it Works

Intelligent Configuration

QuickView+™ enables extremely fast report creation without requiring expertise in control system or device configuration. Personnel will be generating their own customized views within minutes. 

Any Data Source

Connects to DCSs, PLCs, RTUs, MES, skids, instruments, and other field devices. QuickView+™ normalizes data from disparate systems and devices, and provides cohesive views.

Democratize Data

Empower all personnel to generate the views they need to improve efficiency in their job, instead of limiting constructive value to a few “knowledgeable report gurus”. Enable without requiring expensive Historian upgrade.

Focus Attention

QuickView+™ offers full data, report by exception, and validations views of the data. These views provide immediate action items, instant compliance reporting, as well as maintenance records. Reports can be scheduled, run on an ad-hoc basis, and emailed. 

QuickView+™ saved hours of compiling information from multiple control systems at site. We quickly reduced preparation and review time for reporting, and immediately noticed issues to address across the site.
Chris Cartwright, Floor Engineer

• Mode of Control

• Alarm Limits

• Interlock Byp/Status

• Utilities

• Inventory/Tank Level

• Unit Conditions


• Equipment Inspection

• Machine/Skid Settings

• As Designed/As Found

• Parameters/Status

• Compliance Checks

• Calibration Status

Routine Operations

• Periodic Checks

• Custody Transfer Status

• Abnormal Situations

• Device & Sensor Status

• Vessel / Line Status

Perpetual Value

Perpetual Value

QuickView+ provides value throughout the lifecycle of your plant. Streamline initial commissioning, maintenance, compliance, turnaround, and startup activities.