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Remote Assistance Program Remote Assistance Program

Expert Technical Support Is Now Available With Virtual Remote Assistance

Connect With ‘The Pros’ Virtually, Whenever, Wherever You Need Technical Support

In today’s environment, you likely have fewer people than ever on-site at your facility. Furthermore, workforces everywhere are shrinking and technical expertise is hard to come by. Let the Pros at Proconex help you augment your technical knowledge without having to deal with time-intensive security restrictions, long commutes, remote locations, or lack of internal resources in the event of an emergency. Let us be your eyes and ears, virtually, to guide you through your most challenging situations in these challenging times.
Proconex announces its Remote Assistance Program, a telemedicine-like platform that allows our experts to help troubleshoot and provide technical guidance for all your equipment needs via secure enhanced video tools with embedded augmented reality. In short, our program enables your facility to get expert support from one of our certified technicians or subject matter experts anytime, anywhere.

How It Works

Contact Proconex for technical assistance
Proconex will help coordinate timing of the Remote Assistance call
Download the free Fieldbit App (from Google or Apple), which can be installed with one click
Your Proconex contact will send you a request to join a Remote Assistance session via a text message and email—it works just like FaceTime or Skype, but with more robust capabilities
Proconex will guide you in diagnosing and resolving your issue
You can purchase Remote Assistance technical support by the hour or as part of a service contract. Customers must have an internet connection, mobile device (cell phone or tablet) with access to a camera, and the Fieldbit App, which meets industry accepted, ISO-compliant international cybersecurity standards.