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Remote Asset Monitoring Solution Remote Asset Monitoring Solution

Easy to Implement. Flexible and Scalable.

Introducing an automated alternative to route-based asset monitoring that is non-intrusive and quickly deployable. Our solution lowers costs, enables prompt communication, and improves plant automation.

You Supply the Power Source and We Do the Rest!

How It Works

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Equipment data is local and does not need to be integrated into plant or corporate IT networks.

Install AMS Wireless Vibration Monitors
Install AMS Wireless Vibration Monitors
Gain a complete view of your asset health, including overall values and analysis of parameter trends.
Extend your reliability program to an unprecedented number of plant assets including those in hazardous or hard to reach areas. 
Connect with host systems and data applications—via WirelessHART® networks—to ensure that field devices have the most reliable path to send data.
Employ AMS Machine Works
Employ AMS Machine Works
Obtain easy and accurate assessment of the machinery health with our combination of predictive maintenance algorithms and analytics tools.
Collect hourly PeakVue™ Vibration data, as well as Daily Spectral and Waveform Data—consolidating it in a single location.
Perform Data Monitoring and Analysis
Perform Data Monitoring and Analysis
View assets in a customizable frequency, using high resolution data, to identify and resolve issues that can affect the health of your equipment and smooth the operation of your plant.

Key Benefits

Implementing an agile IoT solution streamlines the whole asset management process that encourages businesses to stay competitive. 
  • Take proactive measures: Specify problem areas using predictive maintenance solutions.
  • Boost productivity: Utilize IoT-based asset monitoring to deliver higher-frequency visibility for asset utilization and insights into key process variables.
  • Lower operating costs: Enhance manual processes with intelligent insights that allow optimized operations and maximum asset productivity.
  • Optimize Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): Regularly analyze quality, availability, and performance.
  • Localize Data Management: Access data locally without cumbersome integration into plant or corporate IT networks.

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