Operations Software

Batch Asset Utilization

Improve Asset Utilization and Production Performance with Operational Analytics. Collect, contextualize, and visualize operations data in common terms. Provide pre-built analytics that drive production improvements.

Batch production plants need to optimize use of critical assets. Collecting operator data, and providing normalized views allows immediate corrective action and retrospective process improvements

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Operator Workflow

Streamline manual operations and maintenance data collection with electronic data capture. Replace error prone/inefficient paper-based record of Effectively manage operator/maintenance rounds

Manufacturing plants need to record data manually for a host of unautomated tasks. Eliminating the clipboard, provides instant visualization of the data, reduces errors, increases safety/compliance.

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Equipment/Safety Checks

Expedite interlock and device commissioning. Electronify routine safety checks. Significantly reduce time and personnel required to perform interlock/device commissioning and routine safety checks.

Commissioning devices, and routine safety checks, are personnel and time intensive. Reducing personnel required, while ensuring safety interlocks are tested, yields significant benefits.

Learn more about QuickCheck SNAP-ON™ Application

Intelligent Alarming

AlertTrack is a SNAP-ON to AMS Device Manager. Route alerts to your cell phone, or mobile device for on-the-go notification of device health or process environment conditions.

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