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Fisher™ WhisperTube
Protect Your Equipment and the Environment With Fisher™ WhisperTube Modal Attenuators

Protect Your Equipment and the Environment With Fisher™ WhisperTube Modal Attenuators

Valve and pipeline aerodynamic and liquid noise cause concern for plant operators and maintenance personnel because it can affect plant availability and profitability. High noise levels can induce safety concerns for plant personnel and can lead to equipment damage through vibration and process control issues.
Elemental sulfur deposits can cause problems, similar to fine solids being present in natural gas, which make control systems inoperable or cause malfunctions. This can result in erratic flow meter readings, poor process control, regulator failure, and system overpressure if the valve fails to close.

Key Benefits:

  • Achieves a 10-15 decibel (dB) noise reduction with no pressure drop.
  • Allows for smaller valve sizes and standard trim.
  • No pressure drop. No plugging concerns. Since the WhisperTube allows for a less restrictive cage design, the overall station plugging can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Decreased maintenance costs if a more standard cage is used since noise attenuation is achieved with the WhisperTube rather than a special cage design.
  • Reduced noise exposure to operators and surrounding community without affecting sizing for existing installations.
Broadband Noise Reduction
Broadband Noise Reduction
Cavities of varying sizes surround a cylindrical screen. Acoustic waves enter the cavities, interact, and reflect off the internal body surfaces. The waves cancel each other out, resulting in reduced noise.
Straight-through Design
Straight-through Design
The WhisperTube features a straight-through flow geometry with inside diameter that matches the pipe. It accommodates pigging operations when required for cleaning and maintenance.

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