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Optimize operations with AccuTEST

Optimize operations with AccuTEST

Without isolation valves and a bypass, some safety relief valves can only be tested during a shutdown. If scheduled testing intervals fall between planned shutdowns, plant personnel are faced with a difficult decision. Do they shut down the unit to test the valves, potentially losing millions of dollars in production, or extend the inspection interval until the next shutdown, hoping the valve performs when called into action? With AccuTEST, reliability engineers, inspectors, and maintenance planners do not have to make those decisions. We can perform a set pressure verification and seat leakage test in-line and provide decision makers with the critical data they require to safely extend an interval until the next scheduled shutdown. Download PDF.

The Advantages:

  • The acoustic signature provides positive confirmation that your valve has lifted
  • Universal mounting assembly enables use on all makes and models of safety relief valves
  • We can accommodate most operating conditions with our 10K load cell
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The AccuTEST Safety Valve Test System is a fully automated in-situ test system that utilizes a computer-controlled electric motor in conjunction with system pressure to verify set point. AccuTEST accurately determines if a valve lifts within set point tolerance and if the valve seat is tight, giving you the peace of mind that your safety relief valves will perform when needed and protect your plant assets and personnel.

Code Requirements: The National Board Inspection Code requires pressure relief devices to be tested periodically to ensure they are free to operate in accordance with the requirements of the original code of construction.

Documentation: Valve test report formats include test information, test results, valve data (with complete valve history), valve maintenance history and calibration.

Safe Operation: Routine testing will help ensure safe operation of your pressure relief systems.