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ProofCheck™ ProofCheck™

Upgrade your operations and maintenance standard operating procedure practices with ProofCheck™ today!

Measurably reduce costs and increase revenue by streamlining operations and maintenance procedures.

Measurably reduce costs and increase revenue by streamlining operations and maintenance procedures.

ProofCheck™ simplifies executing, reviewing, editing, and reporting—covering all aspects of electronic data integration from control systems, field devices, instrumentation, and skids to manually collected information. 

Key Features

Automatic validation of manually entered and electronic data.

Supports multiple users working on a single procedure, shortening duration and increasing visibility.

Offers freedom of physical movement in and out of network communications.

Intuitive mobile app with simple procedure editing; no training required.

Attract and retain the next generation of workers with digital processes and tools.

  • Read and write data from automated systems (DCS, PLCs, skids, motors, valves, etc.)
  • Collect manual information (notes, pictures, and instant validation) from operators and technicians

Game Changing Benefits

Field-proven to reduce commissioning and upgrade time by 50%
Reduce costs with fewer people required to execute procedures
Reduce Shutdown / Turnaround time by 20% of planned days
Quick restart for increased revenue and reduced costs
Eliminates paper and saves hours on prep and post-execution review
Delivers rapid ROI for first use case and great value thereafter
Ensures compliance with built-in report records and results validation
Automatically returns equipment to production state, saving time
Keeps manuals, documents, and loop sheets at users’ fingertips
Streamlines maintenance with efficient, user-configurable procedure versioning
Sample Applications of ProofCheck™

Sample Applications of ProofCheck™

Reduce procedure execution time by 80%

Manual Data Entry Operator Rounds

Manual valve alignment, portable hose and equipment setup, manual charging, changing filters, transfer panels.

Operations, Maintenance, Logic Testing Procedures

Confirm and set equipment settings, skid maintenance, interlock checks, machine settings, supply chain/inventory, equipment and building inspections 

Turnaround and Shutdown Testing

Reduce costs and restart revenue faster!