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Remington Severe Service Ball Valves Remington Severe Service Ball Valves
A Game Changer in the Power Industry

A Game Changer in the Power Industry

R-Series valves require minimal spreading of the valve joint (1/8 inch) to remove the center section for maintenance. The end connections remain welded in-line, which saves customers time and money by eliminating cutting of the installation welds and further Post Weld Heat Treating. There are no special tools needed to remove the R-Series from service. Actuation can stay attached to the center section, eliminating the need to reset stops or reconnect electrical/pneumatic connections.
Key Features

Key Features

The R-Series features a removable body and easily accessible trim set that can be customized with different end connection materials to match piping needs. 

Remington has solved the joint leak problem with a proprietary gasket design. The TF gasket uses technological advances to provide sealing in the most difficult applications.
As an Emerson Impact Partner, we have numerous actuator selections and can either deliver your product ready for installation at your site or have a trained Emerson field technician do the installation for you. Your ball valve can be manually operated or set up with an electric or pneumatic actuator with a 4-20mA signal to meet your application.

R-Series Applications:

  • High temperature
  • High pressure
  • Hot reheat spray
  • Main turbine drain
  • Soot blower header 
  • Super-heater spray

  • Main steam supply
  • Boiler feed pump
  • Boiler drains
  • Feed water drains
  • Above and below seat drains 
  • Attemperator spray block
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