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Lately, our warehouse has been particularly busy installing actuators, testing equipment, and organizing some very large shipments. We recently shipped 50 Keystone™ Butterfly Valves to a single customer! While we have hundreds of products available, our most popular products include: Keystone Isolation Valves, Vanessa™ Triple Offset Valves, and KTM™ Ball Valves. Many of these products are in stock, ready for customer shipment…many times overnight. We also have a large selection of Actuator products that we can install and test, right here in the warehouse. If you need Accessories, we have them all—including popular brands, like TopWorx™ and ASCO™.

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With over 50 experts at multiple locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, Proconex can provide the expertise, technology, and resources to design, implement, maintain, optimize, and continuously improve your plant operations.

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