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Pilot Operated Relief Valves Pilot Operated Relief Valves

Anderson Greenwood Series 200, 400

Pilot operated pressure relief valves provide advanced, reliable, and efficient overpressure protection. With a track record of more than 50 years, these valves are designed for a wide range of applications, from basic to the most severe service conditions.

Series 200 Snap Acting Pilot Operated Relief Valve

The Series 200 is well suited for gas, vapor, and mixed phase services, including dirty and/or wet applications. It features a non-flowing pilot that provides system overpressure protection from 25 to over 6170 psig. The Series 200 remains the standard against which all other pilot operated relief valves are compared.

Series 400 Modulating Pilot Operated Relief Valve

The Series 400 is well suited for gas and/or liquid services, including dirty and/or wet services. The modulating action is strongly preferred for liquid relief because it minimizes the destructive effects of ‘liquid hammer’. It features a modulating non-flowing pilot. Under process conditions, both pilot and main valve can be tightened to as high as 98 percent of set pressure. The main valve lifts proportionally according to the required flow (relief demand), to prevent process pressure from exceeding the code allowance.
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