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Plantweb Optics Analytics - Process Optimization

Shortens Decision-Making Process by Eliminating Need for Gathering Data From Control Systems, databases, plant applications and operation procedures

Achieve operational excellence by automatically gathering and processing data from control systems, databases, plant applications, and operation procedures.


Reach operational excellence by

  • Detecting abnormal events
  • Delivering knowledge to operations
  • Managing performance deviations
  • Increasing visibility across the enterprise

Improving execution of operation procedures by

  • Detecting problem's root cause using intuitive fault propagation models

  • Define and execute workflows
  • Execute graphically defined rules


  • Machine learning - Neural networks, decision trees, linear classifiers
  • Optimization - Finding the best available values of an objective function, given a set of constraints
  • Workflow - Build and automate sequential process made of data analytics, learning, clustering, and modelling
  • Graphical Environment - Microsoft look and feel, no scripting or programming
  • Modelling - Perform descriptive and predictive models based on actual data
  • Pattern Recognition - Discovering recurrent sequences in alarms and events database
  • Exploration - Tools to clean, sample, smooth and correlate
  • Time Series - Behavior analysis
  • Visualization - Present data in charts or plots
  • Sensor Validation - Identify faulty sensors and validate values
  • KPI Dynamic Targeting - Set dynamic targets that consider process behavior
  • Asset Performance Modelling - Model the performance of an asset as a function of key process inputs
  • Alarm Analytics - Correlate alarm data and process data for better troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Batch Analytics - Key insights into process variability issues
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  • Simple and intuitive - Drag and drop single interface
  • Single Solution - Build complex rules, predictive models, fault propagation and workflow
  • Automated creation of root cause analysis models
  • Platform independent
  • Robust data analytic tools not requiring domain expertise
  • Ability to combine models and business logic to detect unknown conditions in real time
  • Plantweb Optics consumes both sensor and process variables
  • Plantweb Optics offers third-party software integration out-of-the-box