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QuickCheck SNAP-ON™ Application

Increase Safety While Reducing Resources on Device Commissioning and Interlock Checking

The interlock checkout phase of a new plant is critical to the safety and success of every project. During this time, technicians check the proper response of the process control system against simulated normal and emergency conditions.

QuickCheck verifies all wiring from the field to the control room, focusing on the control and safety system logic.

  • Facilitate and accelerate interlock checkout to save time and improve safety
  • Substantially reduce commissioning time for complex interlocks
  • Read and export as-built configuration information
  • Access real-time information from HART® and Foundation™ Fieldbus devices
  • Facilitate and Accelerate Interlock: Save time and improve safety by focusing on verifying interlocks instead of simulating devices.
  • Make Complex Interlocks Checks Routine: Substantially reduce commissioning and continuing validation time for testing
  • Provide As-Built Record of Configuration: Increase safety and reduce commissioning time, by automating device configuration verification.
  • Securely Record Interlock Checks: Audit trail provides evidence of interlock checking for compliance authorities.
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