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Field Instrumentation & Bus Technologies

For any control system customer, our experts can troubleshoot existing instrumentation and field related issues—as well as those which expand beyond the scope of the control system. We can identify improvements in the collection of relevant process data, interactions between the control system and field equipment, and maintenance of the existing assets. 
Proconex offers experience and guidance in the identification and selection of new bus technologies, leveraging knowledge to provide the best usage of existing assets and implementing solutions to gather and analyze more field data.   

Customer Benefits

Our Emerson-Certified Experts have access to current, relevant factory-certified training programs driven by industry technology requirements. Dependent on the area of expertise (BUS technology, AMS, etc.), our SMEs have completed a minimum of 180 hours of training and practical batch experience; advanced levels have completed 230 hours of training to become certified. All SMEs must keep current with additional training, in order to maintain their certification.
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