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Start-up & Commissioning Start-up & Commissioning
Safe & Timely Start-ups with Factory-Trained Experts

Safe & Timely Start-ups with Factory-Trained Experts

Allow our experts to help properly plan and execute your plant startup. We start by ensuring that your equipment is ready to operate and is in ‘as-shipped’ condition through calibration and loop checks. Then, we’ll verify and validate that everything is working properly before getting your production back online, giving you peace of mind. After your start-up is complete, our experts can discuss plant requirements and work with your operations personnel to help create a proactive maintenance plan—promoting asset lifecycle management for maximum uptime and throughput.

Proconex provides start-up and commissioning services for our valves and control devices.

Proconex utilizes its proven, streamlined planning and commissioning processes to help identify and reduce potential regulatory, installation, and operational risks to ensure a safe, timely start-up. Our Start-up & Commissioning services include:
Proven planning processes and procedures help you minimize risk
Eliminate potential delays and associated costs
Rest easy with skilled valve installation, calibration, and configuration experts
Improve implementation with a proven start-up and commissioning plan
Maintain traceability with comprehensive documentation

Our certified technicians recognize the vital importance of a strong quality, health, safety, and environmental (QHSE) focus while in your plant. Start-up and commissioning activities are performed using vetted safety protocols to help maintain a zero Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) throughout the project. Our specialists employ high safety standards to ensure that assets and personnel are protected, so your start-up can be a complete success.

Stay on schedule, within budget, and mitigate safety risks when you partner with Proconex for your startup and commissioning projects. Whether you are responsible for a new plant or coming out of a turnaround, we have the digital tools, proven processes, and expertise to support you.

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