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Take the First Step in Implementing Your Reliability Program

Never underestimate the impact of predictive maintenance when it comes to the health of your process. Proconex can provide tools and services to ensure long-term reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Properly serviced and maintained equipment will result in improved plant performance, lower operational costs, and ideal environmental health and safety compliance.
Valve Signature: The Gold Standard

Valve Signature: The Gold Standard

Capturing baseline valve signatures—before your valves leave the Proconex warehouse—allows you to document baseline performance and:
  • Assess the health of your valve without taking it out of service
  • Avoid shutting down the process
  • Retrieve performance data compared with the initial baseline
Your Valve's Birth Certificate

Your Valve's Birth Certificate

The valve signature is like a birth certificate for any valve leaving Proconex and going to a customer’s site. This data will capture the initial valve performance as it was manufactured. As part of your maintenance program, we can track performance data and compare it back to the original while the valve is in operation and without affecting the process. This may uncover abnormalities before anything becomes an actual problem.
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