DeltaV WEBINAR SERIES: DeltaV PK Controller   |   January 22nd - 24th, 2018

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Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Today’s world of process automation is filled with rapid change. In order to maintain your competitive advantage, you need to keep up with constant advancements in technology. Proconex provides a number of training opportunities in fisher valves, control systems and more.

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Training Courses


April 23 – 27 2018

DeltaV Implementation

DeltaV Training
DeltaV training covers a complete system implementation, including definition of nodes, configuration of continuous and sequential control strategies, system operation and definition of users and security. A Batch Course is available which allows students to cover all phases of a system implementation using a batch application including configuration of recipe entities and equipment entities.

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April-May 30 – 4 2018

DeltaV Batch Implementation

DeltaV Batch Implementation
This course covers a complete DeltaV batch application. Students will use DeltaV Batch software to configure recipe entities including Aliasing, Phase Logic, Operations and Unit Procedures. Equipment entities will also be configured including Unit Modules and Process Cells.

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Plant Optimization

Today’s plant is a myriad of process control hardware and software. Everything from valves to compressors, from level measurement devices to real-time data servers, and from boilers to condensers. Plant optimization training shows how to optimize equipment with new methods and technology. This training if offered in both hands-on and virtual formats.

Customized Training Courses

The Proconex Education Services Department can develop customized training based on your particular needs. Whether it’s an entire learning path for your team or a single course, our instructors can develop curriculum and deliver training on our site, your site, or one that’s convenient to your student travelers.

Expertise in customized training includes:

  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • ROC
  • High Voltage Maintenance
  • Control Systems
  • Operator Maintenance, Design and Safety
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Valvelink / FIELDVUE / DVC / AMS
  • Cybersecurity
  • Reporting
  • Automation and IT related Training
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Register by the Early Bird date published for our training courses and save $100 per student registered!

Please note this discount applies only to courses held at our Royersford training facility and does not apply to Virtual Courses, E-Learning Courses, or On-Site customer schools.

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