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Supplement Your Supply Chain Operations with Our Support 

Supplement Your Supply Chain Operations with Our Support 

Resource constraints make it difficult to effectively maintain a reliable on-site inventory of critical automated valve spares.

Automated valves assets can be difficult to locate, are either stored in expensive, on-site warehouses or outside in sub-optimal conditions, and are not properly maintained while in storage

Breadth of Inventory

Your valves are critical assets to your operation. Our spares inventory program coupled with our inventory of new Anderson Greenwood and Crosby safety valves will assist you in managing your safety valve maintenance activities. When it’s time to pull a safety relief valve for service, we will ensure you have a replacement valve at your site ready for installation. Our spares program produces quantifiable results that makes your process more profitable.
  • Reduction in down time
  • Eliminating reduction in production rates
  • Savings in manpower
  • Savings in equipment rentals
  • Mitigation of safety risks

Plant Walkdowns

Unsure of the proper maintenance schedule for your assets? Short the manpower required to care for the valves in your plant? Need to better prepare for upcoming outages? Leave your valve planning to AVS—we can perform a plant walkdown of your site, so that your team can focus on other maintenance responsibilities.

The plant walkdown will provide data that increases operations reliability. Specifically, we can identify latent issues, recommend proactive maintenance, prioritize your assets, and detail the availability of recommended spare parts. This will allow you to avoid surprises, identify potential reliability risks, and continue to operate your plant in a safe manner.