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Leveraging the Hidden Intelligence Within Your Field Devices

Are all of your field devices competing for attention?

Just like with your personal devices—cell phones, laptops, and newsfeeds— all of your field devices are likely competing for your attention. Your plant probably invested in a number of smart field devices, both wired and wireless. They may be from Emerson, as well as from other manufacturers. These very intelligent microprocessor devices capture hundreds of values, including sensor status and calibration status, and can even detect problems with upstream or downstream equipment. More than 500 parameters may be available from each of these intelligent field devices. It is likely you have these devices scattered all over your plant. When you add it up, it’s a data overload situation. On the other hand, if you look at your control system, you may be seeing only one or two variables; the rest are hidden inside the device. These hidden nuggets of information can only be obtained if you physically go out in the field with a handheld device or a piece of software, like AMS Device Manager, to capture all of the information that is available.

One of the goals of the AMS software platform is to give you access to all those variables from a centralized workstation. The AMS Device Manager allows you to gather any special alerts that you might have in a field device. AMS SNAP-ONs perform intelligent functions on that data that can help you make more informed decisions. Learn more by filling out the form to download the white paper.

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