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Cell & Gene Therapy
Discovery to Manufacturing

Discovery to Manufacturing

Proconex provides data solutions, information management, automation, commissioning, and qualification solutions to the Life Science Industry. We are known for our expertise in developing right-sized systems—from drug discovery through production. As an Emerson Impact Partner, Proconex is part of a network of innovative companies working together to deliver Life Science Industry solutions around the world.

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Equipment Management
Orchestrate Data Collection (IIoT)
  • Equipment Management
  • Real Time Data Visualization
  • Calibration & Maintenance
Tech Transfer
Scale Up/Out
  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Eliminate Bottlenecks
  • Provide Stage Appropriate Solutions
  • Design Scalable Architectures
Unify Disparate Systems
Collect & Contextualize Data
  • Integrate Diverse Equipment
  • Standardize Data Formats
  • Identify & Track Critical Parameters
Process Control & Analytics
Automate the Process & Manage Data
  • Design Control Strategies
  • Implement Automation and PAT Solutions
  • Develop Process Models
  • Control CQAs
  • Assure Data Integrity
Electronic Workflows
Collect & Manage Manual Data
  • Organize Tasks & Events
  • Schedule Activities & View Status
  • Improve Workflows
  • Electronic Batch Records (EBR)
  • Eliminate Manual Logs & Work Instructions
Supply Chain
Control Chain of Identity
  • Manage Inventory & Logistics
  • Lot & Batch Tracking
  • Patient Genealogy
  • Review by Exception & Real Time Release
  • Streamlined Release Reports