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ASCO™ Series 308 & 310 High-Shock Manual Reset Valves
High shock manual reset
The ASCO Series 308 & 310 High-Shock Manual Reset Valves are ideal for controlling critical processes in aggressive environments.
ASCO™ Series 308 & 310 High-Shock Manual Reset Valves


Port Size
1/4" NPT
Body Material
Brass and Stainless-Steel bodies
Flow Rates
Flow rates of 0.45 Cv (0.39 Kv)
Ambient Temperature Range
AC: 125°F (-20°C to 52°C)
DC: 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
Operating Pressure Differential
Pilot: 25 to 125 psi (1.7 to 9 bar)
Main: 125 psi (9 bar)
Available in 10.1W AC and 1.4W DC constructions
Standards / Regulations
UL listed General Purpose valve (solenoid only), CSA certified, ATEX/IECEx certified with prefix EV


  • Once the solenoid is de-energized, it requires power to be restored to the solenoid, then the valve to be manually reset
  • Designed to meet vibration and/or shock per ISA specification S71.03C2
  • Handles aggressive atmosphere per salt resistance testing (ASTM B117)
  • Manual reset housing is sealed and closed-cell CR sponge rubber and equipped with sintered bronze breather to prevent accumulation of condensation
  • Last chance filter installed in auxiliary air port of the pilot valve
  • SIL 3 capable, certified by Exida