DataJaguar: Operations Improvement Beyond Automation

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Increase Visibility of Real-Time Batch Status In Operations Terms, While Providing Analytics Tools for Improvement

With Proconex DataJaguar™, manufacturing companies can: solve batch process challenges related to resource utilization, maximize production assets (both equipment and people), and provide insights into the reasons why a batch may be behind or ahead of schedule, or whether there are anomalies in a particular batch. Furthermore, with DataJaguar you can now make informed decisions, such as justifying capital expenditures, with real data to back up your intuitions.

Gain Insights to:

  • Accurate Cause of Delays
  • Future Batch Status
  • Precise Areas for Improvement

  • Increase Operational Awareness: Provides actionable views in operational, not automation, terminology.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Move error prone retrospective anecdotal data to concise data, collected in real time.
  • Decrease Lost Production Time, Significantly: Allow operators to respond to delays immediately.
  • Pinpoint Opportunities for Improvement: Includes dashboards, drilldowns, and other detailed analytics needed to improve asset utilization.

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