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The CROSSFIRE is an ultra-low power, high efficiency chemical injection pump, which reduces venting of methane from pneumatic-driven pumps.

The device can reliably run off solar power and can be configured for 1-4 fluid ends, allowing it to replace up to four pneumatic chemical injection pumps with one unit, reducing your carbon footprint.

It is a highly customizable unit with a robust controller and intuitive interface, which allows for easy field integration and implementation. It can inject <1L/day to 720L/day up to 10,000psi and for most applications, draws significantly less than 1 A of power with no inrush yielding to extremely long system autonomy. When delivering 10L/day and operating against 500psi, this pump draws less than 100mA. Operating on batteries alone, this allows the system over 5 weeks of autonomy in the field. 


  • Uses 5100 fluid ends for easy and complete field serviceability
  • Consistent chemical dispersion rate
  • Highly efficient, which leads to significant system autonomy
  • Field hardened and designed to protect batteries for full life of use
  • Interchangeable fluid end and plunger size for flow customization
  • Built in field familiarity
  • Threaded vent port to capture priming chemicals to reduce environmental spillage