Proconex celebrates the 30th Anniversary of PI Day!

30 years ago, Pi Day was officially recognized on March 14th or 3.14 was chosen because it’s the first 3 digits of pi. Proconex celebrated the day with a pie tasting contest as well as a pizza pie lunch for its employees complete with T-shirts specifically designed for Proconex by one of our employees.

Once all of the pies were tasted, it was hard to choose from the 5 contestants who baked pies from apple to key lime. When the votes were tallied for the most delicious pie, the winner went to Rich Dunbar, who baked a pie he calls, “the best thing since Christmas in July pie” which was a mix of vanilla pudding, oreos and whipped cream. Even though it wasn’t July, everyone agreed it was the best pie for Pi Day!

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