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Digital Transformation

Top Quartile Performance – The Business Case for Digital Transformation

March 16, 2021

The Scope and Scale of Today's Digital Transformation Capabilities Have Resulted in a Seismic Shift in How Customers Evaluate and Deploy These Solutions

By Stuart Harris, Emerson Automation Solutions

What comes to mind when you hear the term digital transformation? For me, it is an essential and updated approach to doing business, aided by technology to solve problems, optimize production, and increase safety and reliability. It is the opportunity to realize Top Quartile performance.

This may sound complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Digital transformation is simply putting smart, connected technology – and the insights it provides – in the hands of people, enabling them to be more efficient and have an ever-increasing impact from their work.

So, what does digital transformation actually look like? While the answer will be different for each company, there are common themes that lead to successful business outcomes. They start with a clear business case, have a roadmap with technologies selected to address specific challenges, and they carefully consider people in their digital transformation programs. 

As an industry leader, Emerson’s decades of experience uniquely position us to help guide customers on their specific journeys. That’s why we created our new Digital Transformation business. This dedicated organization combines our expertise in smart sensors, secure communications, data management and analytics, project execution and consulting – all part of Emerson’s Plantweb™ digital ecosystem – to bring digital transformation success to the industries we serve.

I’ve been energized by the enthusiastic response from our customers since we shared the news about our Digital Transformation business. We’ve heard over and over that companies are looking for practical solutions that can scale. Our process, hybrid and discrete industry customers are grappling with how to leverage digital transformation and realize the full benefits. So much of digital transformation focuses on the latest technology, but organizations that make strategic investments, backed by a business case, are seeing significant operational impacts towards achieving Top Quartile performance.

Companies are looking for a partner that not only has advanced technologies, but also understands change management. Collaboration is required between Operational Technology and Information Technology organizations, and between corporate and site teams, for successful digital transformation.

There’s nothing more rewarding than partnering with our customers on solutions that propel their business performance. I’m grateful to the customers who take time to talk with us and share their ideas and goals – we look forward to helping solve their challenges. Digital transformation is a big promise and the opportunity is real. With the right partner, industrial manufacturers can gain a sustainable competitive advantage and achieve Top Quartile performance.