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Integration & Validation Challenges. Solved.

June 16, 2021

From Lab to Full Manufacturing In the Middle of a Pandemic

Our global single-use, flexible manufacturing client was ready to scale their process to a new, larger facility. Our team at Proconex was just getting ready to start installation and commissioning when the pandemic hit. A large number of skids—from all over the world—were standing by, ready to be integrated with DeltaV. Proconex reorganized its process to provide a single automation/validation team, including project management, engineering, and commissioning. 
Proconex got the job done, on time and within budget, despite a nearly impossible logistics challenge. Our virtual approach to FAT practically eliminated travel costs and reduced the risk of something not working. According to one skid manufacturer, “Thank you to the Proconex superheroes for making this happen.”

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