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New Proconex Website Coming Soon

April 22, 2020
Dear Proconex Customers, Vendors, and Colleagues:

We’d like to officially announce the upcoming launch of our new website. This new website is the culmination of a coordinated effort among all of the Emerson Impact Partners in North America and with Emerson corporate. You can look forward to a breadth of new information and resources related to our products, services, and industries.

While our current website has been advancing over the past few years, we’ve kicked it up a notch with an entirely new platform to offer you more capabilities, more content, and ultimately a premier digital experience! Our new website features a robust multi-level navigation and an entirely new resources section that includes hundreds of Emerson brochures, data sheets, drawings, videos, and case studies. 

Please note that our domain,, will remain the same and that any bookmarked pages from the current site will redirect to similar pages on the new one. Our official launch date is April 27, so please look for additional announcements soon.

Take a tour of our new website, here!


The Pros at Proconex