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Atlantic Valve Services Launches to Serve the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S.

September 12, 2017

Proconex announced today it has formed a joint venture with Control Associates called Atlantic Valve Services.

This joint venture was created to complement the expanded product lines both companies now offer as a result of Emerson Automation Solutions’ recent acquisition of the Valves & Controls business unit of Pentair. Both Proconex and Control Associates recently expanded offerings extend beyond well-known brands like Fisher, Bettis, Virgo, EIM and Enardo, and added significant brands in pressure relief and isolation such as Anderson Greenwood, Crosby, Keystone, Vanessa, Clarkson and Yarway.

In support of the newly acquired product lines, Proconex has expanded its ability to provide local access to Comprehensive Valve Services. Having recently obtained both the VR and T/O certifications from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, Proconex is authorized to conduct repairs and modifications to pressure relief devices. The team recently developed a fully functional service trailer which allows field service technicians to pull directly up to a customer site and perform testing repair on safety relief valves – from any manufacturer.

Included with the launch of Atlantic Valve Services is the acquisition of the former Pentair Service Operations and Factory Repair center located in Bridgeport, NJ. This acquisition adds to the service delivery capabilities of both Proconex and Control Associates, and provides Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern customers with 24-Hour Service, Pickup and Delivery, and Factory Trained Technicians. When combined with the already established capabilities of the Emerson Instrument and Valve Services operations in Burlington, NJ, Atlantic Valve Services further expands both companies’ ability to service any valve, anywhere.

Atlantic Valve Services will remain in the current 22,500 square foot facility in Bridgeport, NJ. The size and location enables a large local inventory of isolation and pressure relief valves to remain in stock. Additionally, support team personnel can work with customers to develop a customized list of spares to hold in inventory and make them readily available.

Test capabilities at the service center include, High Pressure Air Testing, Liquid Relief Valve Testing, Hydro Testing, Pressure/Vacuum, Pilot Valve and Rail Tank Car Relief Valve Stand.

“By working together with Control Associates on the formation of Atlantic Valve Services, both companies have been able to expand their service offerings and leverage our existing sales teams’ abilities to deliver Comprehensive Valve Services to our customers throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic market” said John Otte, President of Proconex.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Atlantic Valve Services, and look forward to serving our customers with these expanded service capabilities” said Terry Spaeth, President of Control Associates, Inc.

About Proconex
Founded almost 70 years ago, Proconex—an exclusive Emerson Impact Partner for Emerson Automation Solutions —is a leading provider of automation, integration, and instrument services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. This partnership connects our customers with world-class solutions, technical expertise, and factory certified personnel. Proconex operates three strategically located offices with a deep dedication to its 200 employees, a sharp focus on engineering excellence, and the drive to deliver a premier customer experience. For more information, visit

About Control Associates
Control Associates is the exclusive Emerson Impact Partner for Emerson Automation Solutions in the NY metropolitan Tri-State area. Serving some of the largest and most successful companies in their territory, including: Boehringer-Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Con Edison, DSM, Firmenich, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, National Grid, NJ Natural Gas, Pfizer, Phillips 66, and PSE&G.

About Emerson Automation Solutions
Emerson Automation Solutions, with a strong leadership position in critical industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Refining, Power and Life Sciences, is actively helping companies achieve top quartile performance in uncertain times and rapidly changing market conditions.