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Flexible Automation Production Solutions

Flexible Automation Production Solutions

Our Flexible Automation production solutions allow you to strategically adjust with your process and demand, reduce and fix production costs, improve quality, and eliminate health and safety issues.

This automation innovation provides you S88 recipe-based structure for easy reconfiguration and product change-overs in a regulatory compliant manner. Plus, you gain modular hardware with plug-and-play field interchangeable I/O, built-in, easy-to-use advanced diagnostics, advanced control and tools, a solution built for PAT, built in tools for compliance, IoT integration, data integrity with flexibility, the ability to execute and manage solution deliveries in a predictable compliant manner, and lifecycle support.

Decrease operating and expense costs by running multiple products, experiments, or campaigns utilizing the same assets
Decrease WIP by allowing quick compliant changeovers and release by exception
Increase throughput and ROI by reducing downtime for compliant upgrades over life cycle of assets
Cut unplanned downtime and operational costs, and increase schedule reliability by enabling asset health and diagnostics
Identify and deliver targeted ROI utilizing correct technology and approach
Reduce time to market and scale up by moving to real-time release and release by exception
Minimize assay time and error through embedded PAT for in-line measurement and control
Ensure correct quality data for compliance
Use solutions to best fit needs predictably and on schedule
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