Cell & Gene Therapy

Discovery to Manufacturing

Achieve High Levels of Data Reliability and Operational Agility for Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Proconex provides data solutions, information management, automation, commissioning, and qualification solutions to the Life Science Industry. We are known for our expertise in developing right-sized systems—from drug discovery through production. As an Emerson Impact Partner, Proconex is part of a network of innovative companies working together to deliver Life Science Industry solutions around the world.

Orchestrate Data Collection (IIoT)
  • Equipment Management
  • Real Time Data Visualization
  • Calibration & Maintenance

Scale Up/Out
  • Reduce Time to Market
  • Eliminate Bottlenecks
  • Provide Stage Appropriate Solutions
  • Design Scalable Architectures

Collect & Contextualize Data
  • Integrate Diverse Equipment
  • Standardize Data Formats
  • Identify & Track Critical Parameters


Automate the Process & Manage Data
  • Design Control Strategies
  • Implement Automation and PAT Solutions
  • Develop Process Models
  • Control CQAs
  • Assure Data Integrity

Collect & Manage Manual Data
  • Organize Tasks & Events
  • Schedule Activities & View Status
  • Improve Workflows
  • Electronic Batch Records (EBR)
  • Eliminate Manual Logs & Work Instructions

Control Chain of Identity
  • Manage Inventory & Logistics
  • Lot & Batch Tracking
  • Patient Genealogy
  • Review by Exception & Real Time Release
  • Streamlined Release Reports


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