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What the 377BT Infrared Thermometer Does & How it Works

In this month’s reliability interview, Brian Dzoh, Reliability Expert, Proconex, is here to discuss the capabilities and applications of the 377BT Infrared Thermometer and how it relates to many fields.

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Alarm Management by the Numbers

Having an understanding of common alarm system metrics can improve remedial actions & result in a safer plant. This article, from Chemical Engineering, reviews the now well established benchmark metrics associated with the alarm management discipline.

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Proconex employees recently collected 120 pounds of candy during Halloween to support our troops overseas. The candy was collected, packaged, and shipped to our troops stationed all over the world.

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Atlantic Valve Services Launches to Serve the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern U.S.

Proconex announced today it has formed a joint venture with Control Associates called Atlantic Valve Services. This joint venture was created to complement the expanded product lines both companies now offer as a result of Emerson Automation Solutions’ recent acquisition of the Valves & Controls business unit of Pentair. Both Proconex and Control Associates recently […]

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How to Develop an Oil Analysis Strategy

Implementing a monthly oil analysis program at your plant can boost the efficiency and overall performance of your equipment while reducing the chance of an unexpected failure and costly downtime.

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Pilot Operated Valves vs Spring Operated Valves

On a boiler, tank, or another pressure-containing vessel, safety relief valves respond in an emergency event to prevent unsafe conditions. The consequences of overpressure can be dire and damaging, putting your people and equipment in harm’s way. As the last lines of defense for these vessels, finding a safety relief valve that works best for your equipment and company is key.

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Proconex Completes Another Successful Internship Program

Proconex just concluded another successful summer internship program. This year we had seven interns from six different schools working in four departments throughout our company. This year’s group completed stand-alone projects, researched strategies for the future, and even stepped up to help fill the gap when permanent employees were on vacation or retired.

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Proconex Pause for Paws Donation Supports Local Pet Shelters

Proconex employees recently united to collect nearly 100 items to donate to two local pet shelters.

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How to Start a Vibration Program

Vibration programs are developed to monitor machines and find potentially damaging problems before they arise. In this month’s Reliability Interview, Brian Dzoh, Reliability Expert, Proconex, will help us understand how to develop a successful vibration program.

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New Ultra Tight Thief Hatch Offers Industry-leading Performance to Address Emissions Regulations

The Enardo ES-665 spring loaded thief hatch is now available! The ES-665 is a new generation hatch intended for use in applications where ultra-tight sealing is required such as sour crude/gas or where strict environmental emissions standards are enforced.

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Safety Lifecycle Management Workbook

Emerson has developed a workbook that provides a practical overview of safety lifecycle and process safety terminology, as well as checklists for each phase of the IEC 61511/ISA 84 safety lifecycle.

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Proconex Named Emerson Representative for Isolation and Pressure Relief Valves in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Following the Emerson acquisition of the Valves & Controls business unit of Pentair, Emerson named Proconex as the representative in the Mid-Atlantic Region for many of the acquired products. Emerson is now the premier global manufacturer supplying and servicing all valves everywhere. The selection of Proconex and 21 other Local Business Partners as the exclusive representatives creates a single integrated channel to serve customers across the country.

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