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Key Technologies to Maintain your PdM Program

Choosing the right technology to support and maintain your PdM program is critical to success. Brian Dzoh, Reliability Expert, Proconex, will help us understand some key technologies to consider when developing your PdM program.

How do you determine which areas of your PdM program need technologies to support them?

First, identify the Critical equipment inside your plant, then identify the Correct PdM Personnel On-Site responsible for that equipment, or a Trusted Vendor to provide guidance.

From there, you can determine the best Technology to use based on your critical equipment and PdM personnel.

What are the key technologies available to help maintain a PdM program?
  • Thermal Imaging: Measures electrical equipment and rotating equipment.
    • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Vibration Equipment: Measures rotating equipment.
    • Route Based: Typically used to run PdMs monthly or quarterly.
    • Wireless: Typically used to run PdMs weekly or bi-weekly.
    • Online
  • Motor testers: Measure electric motors.
    • Motor Test Equipment
  • Ultrasonic (UE): Measures noise.
    • UE Gun
  • Oil Analysis: Measures the performance and reliability of your mission-critical capital equipment.
    • Lab Testing: Off-site testing of oil samples using a third-party sampling and analysis company.
    • On-site Testing: Through the use of user-owned oil testing equipment.
How can deploying the right technology benefit one’s PdM program?

Developing and implementing integrated reliability programs and the appropriate technology to support them can help manufacturers and producers become top quartile performers. According to Solomon Associates, LLC, top quartile performers spend significantly less on maintenance and enjoy 97% availability.

Deploying a consistent PdM program with the right technology to support it moves an organization from a reactive to a proactive approach to maintenance; it also yields increases in productivity, as well as a cutting-edge maintenance staff, and often, a happier workforce.