Spring Loaded Relief Valves: A Closer Look

Anderson Greenwood Series 80

Special Internals and soft seats provide optimum, accurate performance


The Type 81 Safety Relief Valve: Best suited for cryogenic, high set pressure, and chemically active applications. The Type 81 has an inert plastic seat suitable for a wide range of products, pressures, and temperatures involving gas, vapor, and liquid or gas thermal relief applications.

Type 83 Safety Relief Valve: Best suited for hard-to-hold gases and vapors and general gas or vapor service. The Type 83 has an elastomer seat and is ideal for gas processes that operate close to set pressure, controlling valuable or polluting gas products that should not be lost to the atmosphere.

Type 81P Relief Valve: Made especially for the unique demands of liquid service. The spindle assembly of the Type 81P uses three replaceable sealing members: a specially engineered plastic seat and two elastomer seals.

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