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Avoid Emergency Shutdowns Due to Unexpected Valve Failures

The Pros at Proconex can provide a bridge from corrective or time-based preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance on your critical valves—before a problem occurs.

With Proconex diagnostic services, you can:
  • Perform control valve diagnostics on ANY air-operated valve—regardless of manufacturer or model.
  • Coordinate field testing, data interpretation, and corrective action planning with our team of experts.
  • Maximize uptime and schedule downtime more effectively, while right sizing your maintenance costs by focusing on critical repairs.
  • Diagnose control valve issues while in-service with optional Performance Diagnostics tiered equipment.
  • Present diagnostic results in an easy-to-read report with Green/Yellow/Red indicators.
Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing


Diagnostic testing is performed by factory-trained and certified technicians who provide an easy-to-read summary report outlining their findings. Valves are categorized as:

  • Green: No maintenance required
  • Yellow: Minor issues, schedule maintenance
  • Red: Major issues, parts and maintenance required ASAP

Valve Diagnostics give you better insight into the health of your critical equipment by uncovering operational degradation and performance issues affecting the process. Diagnostics can also rule out properly operating equipment, resulting in reduced wasted maintenance resources. If minor issues are uncovered, adjustments may be made on the spot to remedy any potential risks. If major issues are uncovered, those findings are documented, and repairs can be scheduled at the next planned outage.

Data Acquisition and Detailed Testing

Our experts will use non-disruptive data acquisition tools to capture data such as pressure, valve travel, and input signal. A battery of tests can be performed to uncover the following issues:
  • Sticking or increased packing friction
  • Incorrect valve packing
  • Low air supply
  • Process buildup
  • Stem, shaft or plug seizure or binding
  • Stem or shaft fracture or bending
  • Bearing corrosion or failure
  • Actuator spring failure or wear
  • Obstructed exhaust
  • Seat/seal profile issues or trim wear
  • Extensive seal leak-by
  • Broken or loose linkages
  • Actuator or tubing leaks
  • Poor instrument calibration
  • Instrument elastomer wear

On-line Diagnostics with FIELDVUE™ Performance Diagnostics

Using Performance Diagnostics (PD) tiered FIELDVUE™ positioners, on-line diagnostics information can be captured, logged, and analyzed—while the plant is running, and the valve is in service. PD uses internal sensors and processors to collect data automatically or when triggered by a certain event. ValveLink® Event Messenger can be configured to notify plant personnel if critical issues arise. PD software will supply the same Green/Yellow/Red notifications and recommended actions when issues arise. With a Connected Services subscription, factory-trained personnel will download, interpret data, and provide a customized report with recommendations that cater to the site’s specific needs.

Predict the Future. Ensure Performance.

Never underestimate the impact of predictive maintenance when it comes to the health of your process. Proconex can provide tools and services to ensure long-term reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Properly serviced and maintained equipment will result in improved plant performance, lower operational costs, and ideal environmental health and safety compliance. Proconex can help you develop a customized predictive maintenance strategy that caters to your plant’s specific needs. Download PDF
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