Lifecycle Service & Support

Keep Your Plant Assets at Optimal Performance

Proconex offers preventative, predictive, and emergency maintenance services to keep your plant assets running at optimal levels of performance. Learn more below about our reliability services.

Service Agreement

The Proconex Service Agreement allows you to select the services that best meet your needs in achieving desired business results.

Available service offerings include:

  • Factory Product Support – Technical support, access to support website for articles and downloads and software release updates
  • Preventative Maintenance – Periodic inspection, review and analysis of the DeltaV, system to insure the highest system availability.
  • Emergency Support Services – 24 hour access to on-site remedial support by Proconex Field Service Engineers
  • Express Module Replacement – Availability of DeltaV spare parts next business day.
  • Engineering Service Bank – A predefined bank of engineering support hours for ongoing systems support.

Preventative Maintenance

A variety of site services are available for routine inspection, updating and assessment of your system status. The Preventative Maintenance list of activities includes:

  • DeltaV System-Wide Diagnostic Standard Reports.
    • Control Network Statistical Analysis.
    • Virtual memory Monitoring.
    • Data Archiving Monitoring.
    • Controller Performance Statistics.
  • System-Wide hardware Monitoring.
    • Predictive Maintenance Standard Report of Findings.
    • RAID Array Status check (if applicable).
    • Cabinet AND Workstation Inspection
  • System-Wide Software Monitoring.
    • Database, Workstation Configuration and Graphics Backup.
    • Historian Review & Check.
    • Review System Log Files.
    • Optimize Process Database.
  • Preventative Maintenance Report.
    • This report will summarize and detail the review findings – items corrective during the review, and items requiring remediation. 
  • Quarterly on-site PM visits.
Preventative Maintenance – Monthly Performance Monitoring
  • Follow-up on Preventative Maintenance open items
  • Check system performance against factory knowledge base notices
  • Check system loading

Corrective & Emergency Maintenance

Corrective and emergency service that includes 24/7 coverage with a guaranteed response time can be provided.

  • On-Call, Twenty-four (24) hours, Seven (7) days/week.
  • Four (4) hour on-site response time.
  • On-Site Diagnostics of system failures.
  • All emergency and corrective maintenance services shall be billed to the Engineering Service Bank.
  • Remote Diagnostics of system failures.

Engineering Service Bank

This service option provides for a bank of hours to be used for a variety of corrective and engineering services. Additional time can be purchased as required. Some services applicable to the Engineering Service Bank include:

  • Review system event journal / logs
  • System corrective maintenance (DeltaV diagnostics, controller statistics, batch utility, domain controller tools)
  • Control monitoring and remediation services
  • Loop tuning
  • System planning
  • System Performance Improvements
  • Database management and reporting
  • Alarm management
  • DeltaV Analyze for Alarms
  • Automation enhancements and advanced control
  • Subsystem Integration
  • Asset Optimization
  • Installation review
  • Evaluation and development of system SOPs
  • DeltaV system component troubleshooting, repair, and parts replacement
  • Training
  • Field instrumentation and valve calibration, testing, and troubleshooting.

Guardian Support

Guardian Support, one of our most innovative and proactive service modules designed to keep you ahead of the system management curve. It includes:

  • Product technical consultation and remote diagnostic assistance for product software.  The extent to which remote diagnosis can be employed is dependent upon the covered system’s product makeup and customer site telecommunication capability or restrictions
  • Software updates: The distribution is automatic and via CD-ROM media.
  • Firmware updates.   New releases are provided and distributed according to Technical Bulletin instructions, at no charge to Foundation Support subscribers.
  • DeltaV system product literature updates are distributed on the same CD media as the software updates.
  • Guardian Content Management Website – Access to the secure Internet support site.  This site provides technical information articles with downloadable files and an email facility for requesting technical assistance or specific needed software updates.
  • Monthly Internet email mailing, distributed to the registered customer contact, featuring a summary of what’s new to go check out on the Intranet support site and other important information and announcements.
  • System Analysis Report

DeltaV Backups & Services

DeltaV Backups

DeltaV System backups are automated using a Proconex Automated Backup System which transfers all data across dedicated networks.

DeltaV System Upgrade Services

The DeltaV Upgrade Service provides the ability to upgrade the DeltaV annually to secure future DeltaV functionality.

DeltaV Evergreen Service

The DeltaV Evergreen Service provides future replacement of the DeltaV servers and workstations with Emerson tested and approved computer hardware.

  • The plan provides for replacement of the DeltaV servers and workstation every 36 months.  The replacement does include the monitors.  The replacement monitor will be a similar size and style as the existing monitor.

Evergreen service benefits include:

  • Maintains the customer’s DeltaV system current and secures future functionality
  • Makes hardware upgrade convenient by planning hardware costs and time.

Dell PC Service

  • Server and workstation repair and parts coverage
  • Dell replacement parts are at Dell factory lead times
  • Server and workstation hard drive space allocation, Operating System version including service packs, and a list of any service provided for the machine during the year.

Knowledge Basis Articles (KBA) Management & Support Service

  • Monthly review and evaluation of Guardian Support KBA’s
  • Change Control documentation development
  • KBA Schedule development and installation

Safety Notice Verification

Proconex Field Service Engineers review relevant Safety Notices communicate with the customer’s DeltaV safety contact to confirm if the Safety notice is applicable and can provide Hot Fix implementation support as needed / requested.

Virus Update Installation

  • Performed weekly in accordance with the customer procedures.
  • Virus updates will be performed on the Virus update server for each system and automatically distributed to the individual client nodes.

Upcoming Training

May 122020 - May 142020

Valve Technician Training

These hands-on courses cover a variety of topics from control valve sizing, installation, calibration, troubleshooting and DVC Diagnostics as well as AMS Suite training.

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