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Fisher™ Type LR125 Pressure Reducing Liquid Regulator
Type LR125 pilot-operated, pressure reducing regulator is designed for liquid applications.
The Type LR125 provides smooth operation, tight shutoff, and long life, even in dirty service. Its internally actuated metal plug eliminates disadvantages associated with boot-style regulators, and the specially engineered flow path deflects debris, protecting the seat from damage and erosion. An internal inlet strainer prevents large particles from entering the main valve.

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Fisher™ Type LR125 Pressure Reducing Liquid Regulator


Temperature Capabilities
17E68 Nitrile (NBR):?-20 to 150°F / -29 to 66°C
Body Sizes
NPS 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
End Connections
NPT / SWE / CL150RF / CL300RF / CL600RF / PN 16/25/40
Maximum Inlet Pressure
600 PSIG / 20.7 bar
Maximum Outlet Pressure
400 PSIG / 27.6 bar
Spring Ranges
15 to 400 PSIG / 1.0 to 27.6 bar
Additional Technical Data
For additional technical information,?contact?your local?Sales Office?or refer to technical documentation.


  • Debris Protection
  • Thorough Laboratory Testing
  • In-Service Travel Indicator
  • Easily Maintained Pilot