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Sempell Pneumatic Control Unit For Safety Valves (Type CSPRS)
Sempell STE5 Pneumatic Control Unit
Emerson's Sempell CSPRS supports plant operators in increasing their plant capacities and revenues, due to having the highest possible efficiency of the boiler and/or increased output by an additional force which is discharged at the safety valve's set pressure.

Sempell Controlled Safety Pressure Relief Systems (CSPRS)

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Sempell Pneumatic Control Unit For Safety Valves (Type CSPRS)


TUV type tested
Ambient Temperature
Max. 60 °C
Compressed Air Supply
4 bar min., 8 bar max.
Air Consumption
During normal operation: 0,08 mN?/h
Quality of Compressed Air
Filtered and dried; due point temperature at least 10°C lower than ambient temperature
Type of Enclosure
IP 66
48kg + valve
Other versions available on request


  • All control paths are 3 times redundant and the unit works according to the fail-safe principle
  • High tightness up to set pressure due to supplementary load
  • Small opening and closing pressure differences
  • Lifting of the safety valve even below set pressure
  • Control function can be checked without operation of the safety valve
  • No electrical energy supply necessary
  • Ideally suitable for explosion protection
  • System pressure shown at pressure switch
  • One unit can operate more than one safety valve
  • Compact
  • Easy to operate