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Sempell Mobile Test Equipment for Safety Valves - SESITEST
Sempell Mobile Test Equipment For Safety Valves SESITEST
SESITEST is a mobile computerized pneumatic test system for all spring-loaded safety relief valves and steam pilot valves.
Sempell Mobile Test Equipment for Safety Valves - SESITEST


Three hard resin cases (625 x 500 x 218 mm)
One stainless steel case (600 x 439 x 225 mm)
110 V / 220 V power supply
7 bar compressed air supply


  • Testing during normal plant operation (online conditions)
  • Determination of set pressure as pop pressure
  • Testing at zero-line pressure is possible
  • Determination of Safety Relief Valve (SRV) spring rate
  • Short test duration
  • Automatic control of test sequence using a laptop
  • Minimal loss of process medium
  • Quick and simple test equipment setup
  • Test results and documentation immediately available
  • Test equipment checked by TÜV
  • General use for Sempell products and non-Sempell products
  • Compact packaging of components