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ASCO™ Nuclear Qualified Pressure and Temperature Switches
Pressure and Temp switches
Pressure and temperature switches for Class 1E service are modified versions of the industrial ASCO TRI-POINT product line.
Special features include radiation resistance and high-temperature construction. Class 1E switches are available only as factory assembled units consisting of a single switch and transducer assembly, factory set at operating points, and tested as a single unit before shipping from ASCO.
ASCO™ Nuclear Qualified Pressure and Temperature Switches


Type of Operation
Adjustable deadband, fixed deadband, and two-stage fixed deadband
Pressure Switches
Vacuum to 30" Hg, pressure levels to 8000 psig
Wetted Materials
FKM fluoroelastomer, ethylene propylene, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel
Process Connection
1/4" NPT, optional 1/2" NPT
Temperature Switches
Temperature ranges -30°F to 510°F (-32°C to 265°C)
Process Connection
Direct-mount 316 stainless steel probe or remote-mount 316 stainless steel armored capillary
Electrical Standard
5 amp, 250 VAC switch, optional: 10 amp,125 VDC switch
Types of Enclosures
Watertight or Explosionproof/Watertight
Pressure Switches ASCO Qualification Report
AQR-101083/Rev. 2
Temperature Switches ASCO Qualification Report
AQR-020184/Rev. 2


  • Set point repeatability of ± 3% of operating range.
  • Accuracy of ± 10% of operating range for qualified life of the unit
  • Choice of watertight or explosionproof enclosures
  • Mounts in any position
  • Visual adjustment scales of pressure switches in psi and bars; of temperature switches in °F and °C
  • External adjusting nuts
  • Separate electrical, pressure, and adjusting chambers
  • Wide selection of pressure switch transducer wetted material suitable for air, water, oil, or corrosive fluids
  • 316 stainless steel temperature switch transducers available in direct-mount or armored capillary and bulb in standard 6 and 12 foot lengths, and optional lengths up to 80 feet