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TopWorx™ GO™ Switch Model 7LY
TopWorx™ 7LY is a dual proximity sensor featuring bright dual LED domes - visible from long distances.
It is easily adaptable to NPN or PNP circuits and it can be wired as a Normally Open (Form A), Normally Closed (Form B) or Normally Open/Normally Closed (Form C). The 7LY offers higher durability to physically abusive environments and has a pressure rating (sensing face) of up to 140 bar (2000 psi).
TopWorx™ GO™ Switch Model 7LY


Nominal Sensing Distance
2.5 mm (0.100 in)
0.2 mm (0.008 in)
Actuating element
Ferrous metal or magnet (N)
Maximum Operating AC Voltage
120 VAC
Maximum Load Current
Minimum Load Current
Approximate Voltage drop
Operating DC Voltage
10-30 VDC
Max initial contact resistance
0.5 Ohm
Max switching frequency
10 Hz
Operating temp range
-40 °C to 60 °C (-40 °F to 140 °F)
Enclosure material
316L stainless steel
Ingression protection
Vibration resistance
10 - 55 Hz, 1.5-mm double amplitude
Pressure Rating (Sensing Face)
140 Bar (2000 PSI)


  • Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
  • Palladium silver contacts
  • 5/8" dia. 316L SS Enclosure
  • 1/2" NPT Conduit Entry
  • Class I, Div. 2, Class II, Div. 2, Class III certified
  • Stainless Steel Sensing Face
  • 5/8 ″ - 18 or M18 mounting threads
  • Integrated Ex e terminal strip