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ASCO™ Series V124 Micro solenoid valves
ASCO micro solenoid valves are designed to control a variety of non-aggressive liquid and gaseous fluids. These valves are available in 2/2 or 3/2 normally closed, open or universal service versions plus proportional control and latching versions.
ASCO™ Series V124 Micro solenoid valves


Body Material
Valve Actuation
Solenoid - Direct Acting
2 way - 2/2 Normally Closed
Maximum allowable pressure (PS)
16 bar
Fluid temperature
-10°C +100°C
Max viscosity
3°E (~22 cStokes or mm2/s)


  • Direct acting micro solenoid valve, designed to be plugged either in a sub-base or directly on the equipment.
  • Minimum overall dimensions, quick response time and high number of cycles.
  • Suitable to shut off liquid and gaseous fluids.