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ASCO™ Series 543 ISO 5595/1 Size 3 Solenoid Valves
The ASCO Series 543 is a family of ISO 5595/1 pneumatic solenoid spool valves.
The valves are designed for reliable, long service life of 30 million cycles. Compact models and options for ATEX zones 1/21 and 2/22 are available. They are suitable for applications such as packaging. For improved product performance, wider range of options and shorter lead times, select an AVENTICS ISO valve instead.
ASCO™ Series 543 ISO 5595/1 Size 3 Solenoid Valves


Valve Actuation
Solenoid - Air Pilot, Solenoid
Pipe / Port Size
1/2 "; 3/4 "
Port Type
5/2, 5/3
From 2000 To 6000 L/M
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure
Vacuum to 10.3 Bar, Vacuum to 150 PSIG, 10.3-34.5 Bar, 150-500 PSIG
Standards / Regulations
ATEX Zone 1-21, ATEX Zone 2-22, ISO, IEC 60529 (Ingress protection), ATEX, IP65
Operating Environment
Air, Inert Gas


  • Wide range of subbases with side- or bottom-oriented ports for easy installation
  • Flexible air pilot supply by seal selector
  • Modular assembly with joinable subbases
  • Manual tester options are available
  • Can be used with unlubricated air