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ASCO™ 038 Miniature Isolation Solenoid Valve
ASCO Series 038
The ASCO Series 038 miniature isolation solenoid valves offer isolated fluid control and are designed for use with neutral or agressive liquids in clinical and diagnostic instruments.
With a width of 5.7 mm, incredibly low internal volume, and low power consumption, the valves are perfectly suited for dispensing and precise flow control. The valves can handle aggressive reagents while reducing their consumption, which translate to critical cost savings for diagnostic laboratories. Latching coils are available for minimal heat transfer to thermally sensitive samples. Applications that would benefit from using the Series 038 include Clinical Diagnostics, DNA Sequencing, Immunoassay, and Sample Preparation.

Fluid Control Solutions for Clinical Laboratory Dispensing Applications | ASCO

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ASCO™ 038 Miniature Isolation Solenoid Valve


2/2 2-Way NC
Aggressive Liquids
Manifold Mount, Hose Barbs
Operating Pressure
1.0 bar (14.5 psi)
Power Consumption
1.2 Watts
Internal Volume


  • Low dead volume of 0.75µL and overall internal volume of 1.2µL helps reduce reagent waste and improves overall instrument efficiency
  • Power consumption of only 1.2W and latching coil option reduces instrument energy usage as well as minimizes heat transfer to thermally sensitive fluid media
  • 5.7mm valve width and ~4g weight are ideal for saving space in complex point of care instruments with dispensing applications
  • PEEK body material and FFKM sealing material options provide robust chemical resistance
  • Response Time < 10 ms provides fast switching for precision control