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ASCO™ 298 Air-Operated Stainless Steel Piston Valve
The ASCO Series 298, also known as 8298, air-operated piston valves are built to withstand the challenges of saturated steam, superheated water, and corrosive fluid applications.
The stainless steel piston valve has up to a 43% higher pressure rating than competitive products and provides superior performance in OEM equipment. The valve is well suited for indoor and outdoor applications such as rubber vulcanization, tire presses, industrial autoclaves, foundries, food and beverage equipment, and chemical processing.
ASCO™ 298 Air-Operated Stainless Steel Piston Valve


Valve Actuation
Pneumatic - Air Pilot
Body Material
Stainless Steel
Pipe / Port Size
1/2 "; 3/4 "; 1 "; 1 1/4 "; 1 1/2 "; 2 "
Port Type
2 way - 2/2 Normally Closed, 2 way - 2/2 Normally Open
Over 14.0 Cv, From 6.0 Cv to 14.0 Cv, From 2.0 Cv to 6.0 Cv
Max Differential / Max Operating Pressure
More Than 34.5 Bar, More than 500 PSIG
Operating Environment
Hazardous, Indoor, Outdoor, Corrosive


  • Constructed from temperature-resistant materials for a wide operating range of -13° F to 356° F (-25° C to 180° C)
  • High-performance, maintenance-free stuffing box is resistant to thermal shock
  • Compact and light weight design reduces installation cost
  • Anti-water hammer design and back pressure protection ensure reliable operation
  • Easy disassembly minimizes maintenance and cleaning costs
  • Bidirectional flow allows for process flexibility
  • Standard visual position indicator enables easy monitoring