Pilot Operated Regulators

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Pilot operated regulators are typically used in applications with high flow rates or those in which precise pressure control is required.

Some examples of pilot operated regulators are:

299H Regulator

The 299H regulator is compact in size and easy to maintain. It is configured with a unique no bleed monitor system which eliminates downstream bleed – reducing lost and unaccounted for gas.

  • Inlet pressures up to 175 psig/12.1 bar
  • Outlet pressures up to 60 psig/4.1 bar
  • High Capacity Pressure Control
  • Optional Token Relief

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Type 99 Regulator

The Type 99 regulator can be used in a wide variety of applications and provides broad capacity for controlled pressure ranges.

Can handle high inlet pressures up to 1000 psig/69.0 bar inlet (the max inlet pressure requires a Type 1301F pilot supply regulator and a Type H110 pop relief valve.

  • High Accuracy
  • No Atmospheric Bleed
  • Easily Modified for Special Service

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EZR Series Pressure Reducing Regulator

The Type EZR regulator provides smooth, quiet operation, tight shutoff and long life, even in dirty service. The top entry design makes in-line maintenance easy. The EZR pressure reducing regulator can be converted to a high pressure relief valve or backpressure regulator by simply changing to a relief piloting system.

  • Tight Shutoff
  • Quiet Operation
  • High Accuracy

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