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RuptureSentinelâ„¢ Rupture Detection Software for Liquid Energy Pipelines
Emerson's RuptureSentinel software provides a highly reliable layer of defense that enables liquid pipeline controllers to quickly detect ruptures and limit costly financial and environmental impacts. The intelligent software uses multiple methods to detect rupture signals; checking for deviations in flow and pressure measurements to ensure a rupture will be detected whether the pipeline operation is using pressure or flow control, and/or is shut-in or slack. Nuisance alarms are also eliminated by the software to keep pipeline controllers from becoming complacent. Every alarm is meaningful and invites a specific response. Compliant with API RP 1167, RuptureSentinel is provided with full Alarm Rationalization and Documentation that integrates immediately into a control room management plan. Available as a standalone solution or integrated with our PipelineManagerTM software, RuptureSentinel is a self-training solution capable of rapidly recognizing the unique characteristics of a pipeline operation, ensuring the software requires minimal time to implement.


  • Ideal for remote operation monitoring, RuptureSentinel adapts to changing pipeline conditions and reports these conditions with greater accuracy.
  • There is a low false alarm rate and no nuisance alarms; RuptureSentinel offers a robust approach to detection to improve operator confidence.
  • The software combines deviation analysis with sophisticated statistical evaluation, ensuring rupture signatures can be distinguished from operational state changes.
  • RuptureSentinel can alarm on ruptures that occur during pump trips, flow starts, and any other operation that disable other detection systems or cause the systems to generate false alarms.
  • RuptureSentinel uses a Bayesian inference statistical model to test whether observed pressure measurements are normal or abnormal given the prevailing flow conditions.
  • Pattern recognition allows rupture detection even during control operations where there are large changes in flow and pressure.
  • RuptureSentinel is self-training and learns to recognize unique operations, distinguishing between abnormal conditions to improve sensitivity without sacrificing reliability.
  • The flexible software easily scales to meet changing pipeline requirements.
  • RuptureSentinel seamlessly integrates with existing pipeline equipment to expedite deployment.
  • Applications include transmission pipelines, gathering pipelines, feeder pipelines, and regulated and unregulated systems.