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Rosemount™ 183 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor (Discontinued in NA & LA)
rosemount 183 thermocouple temperature sensor
* Discontinued in North America and Latin America *

Rosemount 183 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor delivers reliable temperature measurements in process environments.
This sensor is engineered with industry-standard types, including J, K, E and T thermocouples covering a wide range of temperatures. Available in single, dual unisolated or dual isolated configurations, this sensor is adaptable and offers a variety of enclosure and connection head designs to meet varying requirements.
Rosemount™ 183 Thermocouple Temperature Sensor (Discontinued in NA & LA)


Insulation Resistance
100 x 10^6 ohms minimum insulation resistance when measured at 100 Vdc at room temperature
Hazardous location, see full specs for complete list of certifications
Lead Wires
Thermocouple, external lead wires - 20 AWG wire, PTFE-insulated


  • Industry-standard sensor includes J, K, E and T thermocouple options for design flexibility
  • Sensor selections cover a wide range of temperatures from -180 to 1150 °C (-292 to 2102 °F) to meet process demands
  • Single, dual unisolated or dual isolated configurations with grounded or ungrounded junctions for varying applications
  • All sensor styles and lengths are available in ¼-in. diameter to offer an industry-standard design
  • Adaptable sensor provides many enclosure and connection head options to meet application requirements
  • Option for thermowell assembly increases protection from corrosive environments
  • Thermowell available in a variety of materials and process connections to provide optimal performance
  • Global hazardous location approvals meet local requirements