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Rosemount™ 1067 Compact Temperature Sensor
rosemount 1067 temperature sensor
The Rosemount 1067 Compact Temperature Sensor is available in a variety of industry-standard sensing technologies, including resistance temperature detector (RTD) and thermocouples.
For optimized efficiency and increased measurement reliability, this sensor provides single and dual element configurations. This RTD includes a calibration option of Class A or B accuracy or a calibration schedule option with Callendar-Van Dusen constants.
Rosemount™ 1067 Compact Temperature Sensor


Time Constant / Response
Dependent on application and varies by sensor type (RTD or thermocouple) - see full specs for details
Insulation Resistance
1,000 MΩ minimum insulation resistance when measured at 500 Vdc and at room temperature
Calibration Options
IEC 751 Class A accuracy
Calibration schedule with Callendar-Van Dusen constants
MID custody transfer calibration


  • Available in RTD and thermocouples for varying application requirements
  • Thermocouples available in types E, J, K, N, R, S and T to meet process design specifications
  • Thermocouples configurations include single sensor ungrounded, or dual sensor ungrounded and isolated for adaptability
  • Covers a wide range of temperatures, from –321 to 1112°F (–196 to 600°C) to meet process demands
  • DIN-style sensor connection heads allow for quick mounting and replacement
  • Offers a range of lengths and temperatures with flying lead or terminal block lead wire terminations for optimization
  • Compact, 3 mm diameter design produces quicker response times
  • Callendar-Van Dusen constants allow for transmitter-sensor matching and provide the highest level of accuracy
  • Optional Class A accuracy ensures critical temperature measurement points meet tolerance standards and accuracy
  • Global hazardous location approvals fulfill local requirements