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PolyOil Control Line Poly-Tector
The PolyOil Control Line Poly-Tector ensures maximum impact protection for control lines during deployment and allows for the easy fitting of tubing at mid joint or cross coupling positions.
The Poly-Tector utilizes a hinged arrangement for easy fitting with the natural properties of the polymers making them low weight, safe and easy-to-handle. A number of protectors are offered for upper completion applications or horizontal and open hole sections.

Emerson PolyOil Manufacturing Processes

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PolyOil Control Line Poly-Tector


ESP, Gauge Line, Fiber Optic/DTS, Chemical Injection Lines, Extended Reach, Open Hole, High Deviation, Safety Valves, Hydraulic Lines, Intelligent Completions.


  • Outstanding control line protection; More protective towards fragile completion equipment than metals.
  • Up to 7 times lighter than conventional control line protectors; Lightweight design means easier and safer handling at rig site.
  • Non-metallic contact and fully corrosion resistant alloy compatible.
  • Reduced costs through slicker deployment.
  • Less friction than any metal; Proven wear resistant and non-corrosive material.?