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Paine™ 214-35-500 Pressure Transmitter
paine 214-35-500 pressure transmitter
The Paine™ 214-35-500 Subsea Pressure Transmitter is a pressure measurement device engineered for remote subsea environments.
For application flexibility, this transmitter is designed with a 3-wire or SEACON® subsea bulkhead connector options. This submersible transmitter is all-welded and highly corrosion resistant to withstand extreme depths, and is engineered with a rugged external enclosure to provide maintenance-free performance.
Paine™ 214-35-500 Pressure Transmitter


Measurement Range
0-1000 to 0-20000 psia (68 to 1378 bar)
Operating Temperature
-65 to 230 °F (-53 °C to 110 °C)
Process Media
Compatible with 17-4 PH and 15-5 CRES
Pressure Port/Fitting
1/4-18 NPT internal thread


  • Designed with 3-Wire or SEACON® subsea bulkhead connector for application flexibility
  • Rugged, submersible 10000 psi (689 bar) external case pressure package engineered for remote subsea environments
  • All-welded construction allows for pressure monitoring in corrosive environments and maintenance-free performance
  • ¼ –18 NPT female port fitting meets industry-standard requirements
  • Customizable transmitter options available for fit-for-use designs